Instrumental in treating soft tissue

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Designed by Practitioners for Practitioners, providing feedback never achieved before, Kinnective has outstanding features.

Using instruments to release soft tissues is certainly not a new idea as they have been used for centuries throughout the world. There are writings indicating Egyptians used objects to manipulate the body as far back as 3000BC.

Crafted from stainless steel, the Kinnective Therapy Instrument has been developed over a number of years with an emphasis on multi-functionality. The benefits of a single instrument are clear but usually necessitates a compromise on product. Not with the Kinnective. It is specifically designed to produce optimal ergonomics, feedback and flexible application in clinical practice. Welcome to the Future of Soft Tissue Treatment!

"Hi Mike Firstly thank you for the great training session in Richmond on Sunday. It was a really good day and I came away wanting to really get to grips with facia! Anyway I didn't buy an instrument there and then and of course all week have been treating people and kicking myself that I didn't. So secondly, how quickly can I buy one and get it sent to me? Is there any way I can get it next week? I look forwards to hearing from you. Many thanks" - Sarah
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