The Kinnective

Designed by practitioners, for practitioners

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The Kinnective instrument is a custom designed stainless steel instrument for treating soft tissues. Each element of the instrument design, from the top grade stainless steel to the quality machine finish, the diameter of the slope of the leading edge and the precision process of manufacture, have been specifically chosen by experienced IASTM clinicians to create the best result: optimum feedback and excellent contact surfaces.

The instruments are crafted in Great Britain from the highest quality stainless steel and specifically designed to produce the best feel for the practitioner. The stainless steel resonates at the optimum frequency to allow the clinician to have maximum quality of feedback from the tissue treated. With the Kinnective, abnormalities and areas of tissue dysfunction are highlighted and magnified.

The 3D shape has been developed with an emphasis for multifunctional treatments and the ability to provide flexible clinical applications.Only one instrument is required for all IASTM applications.The benefits of a single instrument are clear but usually necessitates a compromise on product - not with the Kinnective. It is specifically designed to produce optimal ergonomics, feedback and flexible application in clinical practice.

Kinnective is created by practitioners so you only ever need one instrument to treat all soft tissues effortlessly. Right or left handed options are available.

Welcome to the future of soft tissue therapy!

Custom designed stainless steel

Crafted in Great Britain

Created by practitioners

Right or left handed

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