How it works

Kinnective is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) that enables clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue, fascial restrictions and adhesions and change muscle tonus. The technique utilizes a specifically designed stainless steel instrument which is used to both assess and treat areas exhibiting soft tissue dysfunction.

The Kinnective Treatment Instrument simply acts as an extension to our own hands. The tool is guided over the target tissues with the working edges making a therapeutic contact, rather than your own fingers and thumbs. The instrument also becomes a diagnostic implement as it acts to “magnify” what is felt in the tissue just as a stethoscope amplifies chest breath sounds.

Using the Kinnective it is easy to work over a greater area of tissue with far less effort, and work longer with less strain. Importantly, your own hands are still in contact with the patient at all times. Some in the field of IASTM have talked of being able to work deeper using an implement, however, it is our contention that this is not necessary and that release of tissues, even very deep structures, is mediated by a range of structural and neurological pathways.

The principal behind the Kinnective philosophy has been to stay abreast of the current scientific developments underpinning the rationale for IASTM and to continually develop and take the method forward in light of the new science. Through listening to feedback from practitioners and clinicians over the past few years the team at Kinnective came to realise that there was an un-met need for a different way to become trained in IASTM This has driven the development of a training system that delivers good value, a versatile instrument at a realistic price and the ability to run courses in several different ways - through in-house training or open CPD with a transparent structure of fixed costs.

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